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Is it reliable to wholesale foreign wechat platform at low price? As the saying goes, it's cheap and not good. Think about it. Why is it cheap? Why batch? Before, when wechat just appeared, the wholesale price of wechat was not high, because at that time, the registration could be batch registration. But not now. Now the cost of registering foreign wechat is too high. Just think about it, how much does it cost to go to a foreign country by air? Because it's forbidden by Chinese people to turn over the wall, and then buy in bulk, and the price is low, so the possibility is very low. For this type of low-cost micro signal platform for sale, you need to be careful. Because this type of micro signal may be unprotected, how to say it is unsafe? After logging in, there will often be login failure and seal number. This situation will be a lot of buying VX accounts, but we still need to find a reliable platform, so the account is guaranteed, even if it is affected The microsignal of is sealed, and the platform will also form a transmitter. .