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Wechat can be said to be the dominant social software in Yanhuang. Foreign companies are very optimistic about wechat's marketing ability, not only because of wechat's social ability, but also because of wechat's huge number of users, which are all advocated by Shizu. Under the deterrence of the real name system strategy, the micro signal batch registration has become invalid. For this reason, the farsighted agency stores do wechat to sell labor services, which contributes to the lack of audit failure. So, how about wechat wholesale and automatic delivery? Next, the wechat wholesale platform will go through the needle for Zhumen:
Selling all kinds of wechat for a long time, including full moon wechat, foreign number, wechat white number, domestic and foreign pure white number, three-day number, domestic number, Zhideng number, station street number, old number and belt circle number, etc., can receive red * package, can be the main number, station Street, nearby people, etc. Sell out delete files, never find them. The quality is stable and durable, the price is beautiful, the quantity is large and the price is lower. Welcome all the retail bosses and all the wholesale bosses to come to negotiate
Wechat account is used as a private application account, which is convenient for those who do not have a card to ask for a second account to buy it for civilian use, or as a legitimate use such as wechat business expansion, wechat play shift, store customer service number amplification, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use the account number sold for the underground use of the grand slam!