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Wechat has become a hot communication thing necessary for wechat marketing. We all know that a wechat can only increase 5000 old friends at most, so many friends who do Internet marketing such as e-commerce / wechat business feel that a wechat is not satisfied with the demand. Therefore, we need to purchase wechat to acquire more customers and protect customers. Then, how much is the wholesale price of wechat? Below, the wechat wholesale platform is here to introduce:
The value of wechat can be divided into several types, and the prices of different varieties are also different, including: domestic white number on the same day, 3 days, half moon wechat, full moon wechat, half year wechat, one year wechat, two years wechat, three years wechat direct sign, and the older the wechat, the higher the value.
According to the analysis of the micro signal market in 2020, in addition to the full moon's micro signal, other micro signals over half a year will start at 120 yuan, and will become more and more expensive!
Is wholesale sale of one yuan wechat reliable? This problem has always been our concern. It's impossible to buy a good number base at a low price and it's not easy to be sealed! Here's a hint: the rules of wechat are becoming more and more strict. When using wechat, we should pay more attention to wechat protection measures to prevent it from being unsealed.