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主要参数:外国全新号码!微信号类型:国外半月微信号!非实名状态:可以是非实名,不能非实名!朋友圈清洁度:空白!登录是否秒封:秒封包回微信号设置:自由设置头像:不用头像,你可以自由设置里面的!朋友数量:一般情况下,有一个朋友是很新的外国半月微信号批发,确保登录不是封,如果客户购买发生在登录后秒封 ,工作室承诺免费更改号码。您可以根据客户的意愿实施非实名或不是非实名,价格保证您满意。登录到微信号后,客户可以更改自己的密码,头像,设置信息,支付密码等.微信号可以输入500大的群。

Main parameters: foreign brand new number! Type of micro signal: half moon micro signal abroad! Non real name status: can be non real name, can not be non real name! Cleanliness of circle of friends: blank! Log in is second sealed: second sealed back to wechat settings: free to set the Avatar: no avatar, you can freely set the inside! Number of friends: generally, a friend is a very new foreign half month wechat wholesale, to ensure that the login is not sealed, if the customer purchase occurs after the login, the studio promises to change the number for free. You can implement non real name or non real name according to customers' wishes, and the price can guarantee your satisfaction. After logging in to wechat, customers can change their password, avatar, setting information, payment password, etc. wechat can input 500 groups.