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二手微信号是多少钱,哪里有微信号交易平台?现在二手微信号的商场价格相对较高,它远远高于工作室自己的号码,究竟二手数量大多是花费的工作室退钱,价格,主要是100元为分距离,现在1年以下的价格应低于150元,1-3年 老号价格在200-500之间,根据质量来判别,其实购买微信号不要需求看到价格,只需看看你需求什么样的业务,假设你按照常用的数量买回来,那么肯定买老号,越贵越好,假设它只用于偶尔聊天,挂机, 注册等,然后天然就买了一个新号码就行了。无论是购买仍是批发微信号都需求留意:购买微信号,应该没有售后,只要其时可用,即使在第2次封之后,平台也不会改动,这也是微信号简介所以,商场危险很大,购买需求谨慎

How much is the second-hand micro signal and where is the micro signal trading platform? Now the price of the second-hand wechat mall is relatively high, which is far higher than the studio's own number. After all, most of the second-hand quantity is the refund of the spent studio. The price is mainly 100 yuan. Now the price under one year should be less than 150 yuan, 1-3 the price of the old number is between 200-500. Judging by the quality, in fact, you don't need to see the price when you buy the wechat. You just need to see what kind of business you need. If you buy the old number according to the commonly used quantity, then you must buy the old one, the more expensive it is, assuming that it is only used for chatting, hanging up, registering, etc., and then you naturally buy a new number. Whether it's buying or wholesale wechat, we need to pay attention: there should be no after-sales service when buying wechat. As long as it's available at the right time, even after the second time, the platform will not be changed. This is also the introduction of wechat. Therefore, the market is very dangerous, and the purchase needs are cautious